Friday, April 30, 2010

Live rugby today Korea v Japan in Daegu

Next stage of the asia5n rugby for Korea which can be seen live and in person in Daegu or on TV (Star Sports, see earlier postings).
If you live around Gumi, hook up with Waegook Cook...details below....

The schedule for the bus for Daegu is:9:15 Pick the team up at Cook and take us to the field.10:00 Return to the Cook and pick up any spectators who didn't want to hang out at the field while we set up etc... These spectators will miss our first game against the Busan- Ilsan team,Take the Seoul Sisters to have a shower, if they want, after their game.(Derrick joining the bath session)12:10 Pick up the spectators who want to go to Daegu but didn't watch our games12:20 Pick up the teams and spectators from the field and then go straight to Daegu.After the Korea vs Japan Game around 16:00 we will head back to Gumi for a BBQ and fun night at Waegook Cook

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