Saturday, April 24, 2010

Korea rugby fall at first hurdle

Korea rugby fall at first hurdle

Korea’s challenge for the Asia Five Nations and for a place in the 2011 Rugby World Cup is all over almost before it started. Having inexplicably selected a “young side to build for the future”, the Korean team started brightly and eased into an 8-0 lead, mainly by moving the ball wide.

They continued with this tactic for much of the first half and could have been 20 points ahead when just before the half time whistle, the free flowing play caught up with them as HK made most of the space from turnover ball and struck back. Until then, Korea had looked comfortable, with their big (but not tall) pack making heavy hits and clearing up well at the breakdown.

However, with the score coming just before half time and added to with a penalty by the HK fly half who had been kicking poorly up until then), Korea’s confidence seemed to drop and the second half was very disappointing. Hong Kong seemed the much stronger, a complete reversal of fortunes, and the open play suited them better. Quite simply, as soon as it opened up, Korea could not cope. Hong Kong emerged as winners with a final score line of 32-8.

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