Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HSBC Asia 5 Nations Rugby in Korea (vs Japan/ UAE)

The biggest rugby test matches on May 12 (v Japan), May 26 (v UAE)  will be held at Seongnam and the best map to find it is Kick off time is 1pm.

Moran and Sujin stations are closest. If you take a taxi, show this (성남종합운동장) to the driver.

This is another stadium in Seongnam, so please don't be confussed with Tancheon Stadium.
It is Seongnam Stadium.

From Itaewon to Moran Stn: Itaewon (6th line) - Yaksu (Transfer to 3rd line) -Suseo (Transfer to Bundang line)- Moran 

1,550won/ 68 mins 

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