Sunday, September 26, 2010

Han River Pirates kicks off new season

2010 is the fifth anniversary season for the Han River Pirates Touch Tag Rugby Club in Seoul. This is the club that brings together kids of all ages, boys and girls, expats and locals to play rugby and touch together in Seoul. This year, they are very fortunate to have the support of the newly opened Dulwich School in Seoul as hosts and the expert training from Seoul Survivors (which is how it started in 2005). With expected numbers of boys and girls playing to be around 35-40, it has always been a friendly and supportive group with as much fun for the parents and supporters on the touchline as for the kids on the park.
This year, the usual tournaments at Taejon are expected but word reaches us that rugby and Touch is also being played elsewhere on the peninsula so maybe tournaments will be expanded to accomodate?

Info on the Han Rover Pirates can be found here or contact club President Matt Gurr.

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