Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hopes fade for Korea Rugby

What happened to all the hype? For several years Korea Rugby Union's mantra has been "Rugby World Cup 2011"....and now they look very unlikely to even hold on to a place in the Asia Five Nations (a5n)...what the heck has gone wrong?
Infighting amongst rugby activists has left an organisation bereft of experienced leadership and despite the fact that funds are at an all time high, the game is suffering on all levels....the only bright spark being better organisation of the expat game in Korea.
Will this year's string of humiliating results be a final wake-up call or will the Korean Olympic Committee pull the plug on support and close down the KRU's last remanants of professional organisation.
Sadly, for years now, the KRU has been about politics and factions and dubious kudos for those occupying the leadership positions....the current regime being no different from previous attempts. Who can step forward to clean up the mess and put the game before ego?
In some ways, a loss to Kazekhstan or a relegantion to division 2 maybe a belssing in disguise....but it will make the mountain to climb much taller and much steeper....

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