Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanted: Old timers of Korea rugby

Would any over-40 rugby players in Korea be interested in joining the 'Asian Marauders' Golden Oldies team in Sydney in September?

The Asian Marauders is a team mainly consisting of former YCAC (Yokohama Country & Athletic Club's Rugby Section) players and friends.
Originally called Mellie's Marauders in 1997 & 2001 when they went to South Africa and Toulouse and then Mike's Marauders on their tour to San Diego. The Brits were not so keen on Edinburgh in 2009 so the team was renamed Asian Marauders and added few guys from Nomads etc. in Asia and that concept seemed to work well.

In Edinburgh it seemed that there was not a single Korean playing in or Korean team participating among the 100's of teams Golden Oldies Rugby Festival (

If anyone is interested in helping to make the team even more Asian, please contact Mike Galbraith or Jim Watson.

Regarding the tournament itself, there are usually about 10 to 15 Japanese teams at these events and we can't let them have all the fun!! There are three games of about 20 minutes each way (with people swapping in and out) `during the week and many events including a grand dinner (usually about 2,500 people) on the last night. If think that if Korean ruggers saw this event, they would start getting interested in participating in future events in their own teams.

By the way, 2012 Golden Oldies will be in Kyushu and so very close to Korea!

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