Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seoul Colts grow and learn

Since their formation earlier this year, Seoul Colts have grown in every way...more players, more fixtures and of course, the lads have grown some too! The attached link to "Rugby in Asia" shows some action from recent matches and shows that the expat and Korean communities can come together through rugby http://www.rugbyinasia.com/korea/478-22/ss-colts-rfc

Earlier this year, the Colts played the curtain raiser before the England Counties match. It was a tens game against YangJung High School who are one of the top rugby schools in Korea. The Colts unsurprisingly were beaten but the crowd recognised their commitment and raw skill and could see the progress wrought by coach Dan Grover.

Another neat thing about this team is that players come from several different international schools; the Lycee Seoul, Seoul Foreign School, KIS, YISS and Taejon Christian International all have an interest. This shows how far rugby has come for kids in Korea in the last few years and the Colts now offer kids who have graduated through the Han River Pirates the chance to play some decent quality contact rugby while they stay in Korea!

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