Sunday, November 9, 2008

TWP Spire Touch Champions of Korea

Well, finally it was the Hands that got sweaty palms while TWP kept a firm grip on their lead and Survivors looked like they needed just one more weekend (0r for Roddy to last a full tournament)...but it certainly was a peach of a tournament at the new Jamwon site and in beautiful sunny weather.
In the plate, the Exiles looked like making a glorious return to their roots but the Waegook Cook pace and fitness, honed on the high veld, was too much and soon into the drop -off period, the Gumi side roasted crowds favourites again.
On the theme of cooking, good Breton crepes were the favourite breakfast order as the Frogs travelled in regal style, something that surely impressed Pascal, the Spire Group president (Antoine may be getting a call from La Cigale in Itaewon?).
Good order was kept throughout, both by excellent refereeing and the tight management from Chris and their makeshift HQ fashioned from large cable spindles...
This has been an extraordinarily successful for Touch in Korea, best wishes for the team in Shanghai on Nov 29.....

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